How Accurate is the Hotel Ranking?

Hotel Ranking is based on their Price Value, services, cleanliness and most probably the overall accommodation. With 1 star being the lowest, a five star hotel would mean a huge area with more or less 5 floors and above plus a great view of its location. A Person that is not priced cautious and would […]

The Basics: Hotels and Motels

going back to basic, one should not forget the difference between the two accommodations for travelers. Hotels are basically those who are traveling by plane or ship, while motels are those traveling by vehicle with most of it providing a car garage area for each.

How to Choose the Right Hotel during travel?

In choosing the right hotel during your travel is always a trying task, and with the gigantic number of advancements, arrangements and projects out there, it can be out and overwhelming. It doesn’t help that nowadays most hotels have Web locales loaded with tantalizing photographs and smooth limited copy that make you accept you’ll be […]